Features of document management software for the company.

Integrated software solution. Comprehensive document management software enables professionals to create results with traditional data types or the latest point cloud data and images from ground, mobile and airborne sensors. Software that does all this: eliminate disparate operations, meet the needs and flexibility of multi-disciplinary companies, and reduce the cost of software acquisition and training.

Data integration. Combine your receiver and level data for optimal horizontal and vertical accuracy. Enhance your data visualization and richness with clouds, images, models, and PDFs to get the ultimate and complete project results.

Unprecedented data integration allows users to easily implement new touch technologies to meet changing customer needs. Compatibility. Work with other software solutions and office software, with support for import and export functions for a wide range of third-party file types. Connect to geodatabases or use background images without leaving SPSO.

Reliable results contains all the tools you need to monitor, manage and verify your data to obtain accurate and reliable results. No longer suffer from fragmented data packages or dubious data that can be costly and jeopardize your company’s reputation. With the office program you can trust: your projects are safe. Business software allows you to provide many applied results: quality assurance reports, surfaces, drawings and complex alignment / corridor schemes. Integration with the web platform provides a new way to collaborate and share your data with your customers and colleagues. Supported operations. You start your project.

Data preparation. Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your data in the right format to fulfill your mission. Import and organize PDF data. Extract vectorized PDF data and scan it quickly. Draw 2D contours, points, lines, and polygons in 3D models. Delete empty text objects, unnecessary layers and styles and fill small holes in the geometry. Design. Easily create drawings and drawings of your studies and road graphics. Use dynamic view to place model space data on your print sheets. Add dynamic labels, linear and curved grids, scale rulers and other map elements.

The thoughts and questions raised within these axes revealed an observation, even a fact about which we are all, to one degree or another, more or less conscious: the growing, sometimes aggressive invasion of new paradigms, methods and technologies for the production, use and preservation of management information . Such an invasion of information and communication technologies (ICT), which has become inevitable, since these ICTs are the basis of the information society, is more advantageous to a greater extent, this ensures a faster development and processing of cases, as well as processing of large amounts of information. This undermines or, say, threatens to jeopardize the principles and sacred foundations of our profession, namely, to help the process of making an administrative decision, to save evidence, to inform and leave to future generations the most important traces of human activity for society at the moment. These threats require greater vigilance and a much more active and even proactive participation in the development, management and maintenance of new systems heavily loaded with technology, with the involvement of an increasing number of participants (computer scientists, lawyers, citizens, civil society) with whom it is necessary to be able to conduct dialogue and redefine new requirements, introduce new methods and techniques and put them at the service of archival functions. These functions, however, remain stable and not time-dependent: it is always a matter of informing, confirming, storing and transmitting memory; only this memory changes and becomes digital.

What is office software? This is an automated desktop application designed to process and manage optical data, images, and point cloud data. Thanks to unique features such as data processing, cross-profile tracing and integrated photogrammetry, the software allows data specialists to directly receive data and start working immediately to produce documents for themselves or their clients. Similarly, users can quickly edit the project and then send it to the field for implementation. Customizable user interface. Add the most commonly used functions to the toolbar.